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 Xat Rules

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PostSubject: Xat Rules   Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:38 pm

These are the rules for the Xat chat room:

1. No spamming or flooding.
2. No flaming or trolling.
3. No advertising.
4. No racism.
5. No impersonating.
6. No whining/ranting.
7. No illegal material/links to illegal material.
8. Nothing NSFW (Not Safe For Work, swearing is okay).
9. No links to malware sites.
10. Just because a rule is not listed here does not mean it is absolutely not a rule.

Not obeying these rules will result in a warning (kick), or a temporary ban from the Xat. Excessive abuse of these rules will result in a permanent ban from the Xat.
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Xat Rules
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